Friday, 25 March 2011

Leeds Active Arts - Cake/Soup Recipe Book Zine for our event: Bowling Over Poverty

For the second Active Arts zine, we decided to do a recipe book featuring some of our favourite cakes and soup recipes. The idea was to illustrate each page and then combine them to create a recipe cook book!

We each created 2 pages - a cake recipe and a soup recipe:

Good Vegetable Soup / Classic Victoria Sponge by Tom Woodland

Leek and Potato Soup / Scones by Patrick Kirk-Smith

Cream of Garlic Soup / Death By Chocolate by Katie Broadley

Winter Veg Soup / Chocolate Chip Cookies by Lana Johnson

Chicken Noodle Soup / Chocolate Tiffin by Kat Truong

Sweet Potato Soup / Grandma's Rock Bakes by Claire Selman

Creamy Mushroom Soup / Carrot Cake by Mark Stephens

Our final zine/recipe book is lovingly hand bound. Thanks to Anne who created the covers! On one side features sweet recipes, flip it over to find soup recipes! These recipe zines are handy to keep in your kitchen, and were lovingly illustrated by Leeds Active Arts!

We will be selling copies of these cookbooks at our event Bowling Over Poverty, with all proceeds then being donated to charities which help to alleviate poverty in our world.

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