Sunday, 13 March 2011

Leeds Active Arts Fair-trade Awareness Workshop at Leeds College of Art

As a part of RAG week at the LCA, Active Arts were asked to create a practical work shop to engage the students  and greaten their knowledge regarding poverty and inequality. It was the official RAG Poverty & Inequality day for LCA.

It was fair-trade month and their campaign was to emphasise the use of fair trade cotton. Therefore Active Arts decided to participate by creating a patchwork quilt using upcycled goods, manpower, and basic sewing machine skills, to entice passers by to, so they would then enquire about our motive and engage with the workshop.

Mmm Fair-trade chocolate was the best especially the orange flavoured.

We proceeded to stage an event at the canteen of Leeds College of art on Thursday the 17th of March, in order to promote the use of Fair-trade products, within the everyday life of students.

Just loving the patch work, I would like to thank again all those who participated and those who donated materials, and resources. It was a big success and we got loads of sewing done.

Getting down to business, on our stall

Laura from Christian Aid brought useful resources about Fairtrade and to help sew some patches.

The final outcome - thanks everyone again who got involved and helped.

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