Thursday, 24 February 2011

Super Soup Lunch Art Stunt

UPCOMING PROJECT! On 4th March, Leeds Active ARTS is holding an event to support the Super Soup Lunch!

We are going to head to Leeds City Centre and do a huge art piece - about 8ft x 6ft in size, which will be an 'art attack' style collaborative piece to promote the Super Soup Lunch event. The materials we are going to use will be... SOUP INGREDIENTS! That's right, we are going to take plentiful amounts of things like beans, vegetables, rice, pasta and lentils and create a wonderful art piece for all to enjoy.

Our huge art attack on 4th MARCH in Leeds City Centre will be a one day only project. It will be a fun and jolly day and we are wanting to get as many people involved as possible! Afterwards, it will all be turned into yummy, delicious soup! This will be in preparation for the SUPER SOUP LUNCH......

On Friday 25 March 2011 people across Britain will having soup for lunch, to raise money for the world's poorest communities. With the work of Christian Aid, we want to create hype about this, voicing the need and ability to help end poverty now.

Millions of people today are living in poverty. Let's do something about this!! We can raise money and awareness, and help to support charities like the Ukamba Christian Community Services who actively support people who are faced with poverty.

Homemade soup is absolutely delicious and there are so many recipes to try. Using fresh vegetables, soup is definitely nutritious and good for you! You can get such value for money and the benefits do not stop there. You can make it in batches and freeze it, storing it ready to be conveniently heated up for lunch whenever it takes your fancy!

Get creative, get active and get involved by joining us on 4th March in Leeds City Centre, for our big art attack-style stunt, or by making your own soup for lunch on 25th March to help raise money to fight poverty.

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