Thursday, 6 October 2011

Leeds Active Arts at Remade Leeds working with Jade Smith

Fashion researcher Jade Smith was looking for participants for her PhD project which is looking to understand clothing purchasing and disposal habits. 

Jade ran a craft workshop on Tuesday 4th October to allow members of Active Arts to learn more about her research and consider whether we would be interested in participating in her research.

Embroidery       The first technique we learnt was embroidery, 

Joe came along to get involved, had lots of amazing contacts and ideas 

                         Sinny learn't embroidery through the process of using a stencil tracing
                         technique. Very Pretty and easy to do, its as simple as tracing a 
                         shape and then sewing into the marks made.   


Finger knitting consisted of making a chain out of reused material through a process that only takes the use of you guessed it your fingers. It was a really simple and easy to use process once you got your head round it. Check out you tube for self instructional videos. It'd a good way of reusing materials and making awesome necklaces. 


A special thanks to Jade Smith for choosing Active Arts to be apart of this workshop. Thanks to new members of Active Arts for coming along and as ever the original members for carrying taking part in this group.

More workshops to get involved with very soon

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