Friday, 28 October 2011

Indoor Market Workshop Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd of November

Right then! Tuesday and Wednesday mark our first project this academic year in the form of a full 2 days of craft workshops involving Banner Making, Poster Making, Zine making and of course lots of stuffed felt creatures. Come down and get involved!

There will be a fine unruly pack of skilled artists and crafts folk there to help you put together something creative for your own sense of wellbeing and fun.

We also have the pleasure of welcoming Mr Jonny Wilkinson, Zine maker extroardinnaire, and if you dont know what a zine is its short for 'Fanzine' which is an independant publication either binded or folded together yourself to form a small book full of stuff you like, dislike or just want to talk about, draw, paint or inform others about. Traditionally zines are easily replicable and extremely cheap!

The workshops run from 9:30am until 4pm on Tuesday the 1st and Wednesday the 2nd of November.

This workshop has been together with Leeds Love Arts Mental Health festival and so the day is about making stuff yourself and feeling good about it.

So come down, make something and feel good about it.

See you there!

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