Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Three Colour Rule

We want all you illustrators to take part in a Leeds based exhibition Called Three Colour Rule in an amazing new venue…Vox Warehouse. The exhibition will be taking place on one night in June and we have already started taking submissions. Please join us and get involved! Don’t worry if your not local either we would love a wider range of people. 

The Criteria for submissions is simple, your illustrations must be three colours (you can use mid tones of colours as well) White and black do count as colours, however if you are printing on a white background and it is not part of your illustration, that’s ok. There are also some titles you can work from on the facebook page.

The deadline for the exhibition is the 20th of May 2011. Hope to see something form you all. 

For more information and the brief visit us on:www.facebook.com/threecolourrule

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