Friday, 28 January 2011

Papergirl Leeds: The Art of Giving

What is Papergirl? The Papergirl project is essentially a movement dedicated to getting art into the publics' hands, originally created by Aisha Ronniger in 2006 in Berlin. Papergirl is a show, an urban action, a bicycle workshop and a party! The elements are key: participatory, analog, non-commercial and impulsive. Anybody who wants to, can participate. You can submit work or help to distribute. Papergirl is distributed unedited and consisting of original artwork.

Papergirl, Berlin exhbition photo by berlincat

Art is collected and submitted, exhibited and then lovingly bundled up to be handed out by papergirls and boys on bicycles to unsuspecting members of the public. Suprise! Imagine if you got one of these beautiful original artworks placed in your hands in a flash by a bicycling papergirl distributer! The spontaneous action will hopefully put a smile on the recipient's face.

A true movement grows and grows, and that's exactly what Papergirl has done. Started in Berlin, Germany new "branches" of the Papergirl tree have popped up into action all over the world! It made its UK debut in Manchester, with Glasgow and Bristol following suite.

ActiveARTS member, Laura Jordon has brought Papergirl to Leeds and has set up Leeds' first ever Papergirl event. Yay, the fun is spreading! Leeds will be the fourth UK city for Papergirl. This is a not-for-profit, radical event that will happen this Spring/Summer 2011 in Leeds City Centre.

We need artists of all shapes and sizes to submit their work. All submissions will be shown in an exhibition. Venue to be confirmed! After the exhibition, all work will be rolled into bundles, ready for distribution.

Papergirls (and boys!) will cycle around Leeds City Centre handing out the free artwork in the style of American Papergirls in a one-day event. We need people to help with spreading the word, cycling at the event, submitting their own artwork and curating an exhibition. YOU need to get involved!

All submitted work needs to be between A4 and A1 in size and must be able to be rolled up. Please write 'Papergirl Leeds' and any contact details you would like for the lucky person to receive your work (perhaps a lovely message too?)

There is no limit to how how many pieces of art you want to submit. The more the merrier!

By submitting your work you are consenting for it to be shown in the Papergirl Leeds Exhibition and to be given away to the general public for free in the Papergirl Leeds Ride Event. Submissions may be shown on the Papergirl Leeds and Papergirl World Blog (credited where URL details are included of course)

Please post all submissions to:

Papergirl Leeds
Flat 5,
6 Springfield Mount,
West Yorkshire,
United Kingdom,

For more news please join the Papergirl Leeds facebook page

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