Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Art and Craft Workshops in Leeds Indoor Market

In Conjunction with Leeds Love Arts,
 Active Arts got crafty in the Leeds Indoor market today to make aware the issue of Mental health. We will be there tomorrow as well so get yourselve down to play!

Panda's were popular today, this on was made by Emma Saynor

Chris, Emma, Sin and the gang getting crafty 

Kat Showing off Knit-omic bomb's Knitted Moustache, 
who was our specialised knitter in action teaching people to Knit.   

Laura Jordan Getting her Knit On 

Bobby the master and charmer of getting people 
into the workshop, to have some fun.

The lovely Carol made a little bird today.

The girls getting some Knitting advice from an expert

Are banner making Workshop went really well we were asking people 
"whats makes you happy", we had everything from fishing to tea, and our favourite
"my girlfriend of 57 years" was so sweet. 

We made some Active Arts Fanzines, called
 "stuff to do, when you don't no what to do - cheap, easy, fun" 
It was a collaborative Jobby 
Thanks to tom Woodland for heading that up 

Sin and Bobbys sense of humour got the public giggling 

Bianca got to make her ''first'' felt creature she 
was very happy as were we it looked awsome 

Lana made a fish necklace, because she's a bit crazy 

A big shout out to Nick's Black Dragon T-shirt Printing Shop!! 
Cheap and very Cheerful!

This Haberdashery has been here for over 25 years and is full of amazing crafty stuff,
its Like Aladdin's Cave - Loved it. Get your self down  

If you feel like you've missed the fun never fear, tomorrow in the indoor market we are there again, raising awareness and having fun.
Thanks and hope to see you there.

Wednesday 2nd Nov - Fanzine workshop with the 
Master Mr Johnny Wilkinson

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