Saturday, 27 August 2011

Active Artists around Europe August 2011

Second stop Slovakia, to volunteer for Water and people a world renowned NGO founded by Michal Kravcik a scientist that specializes in the knowledge of the ‘New Water Paradigm’ an alternative view on the causes on climate change and desertification. 

Michal Kravcik and co giving us a lecture about water over dinner,
People and Water

Water is the necessity to all existence and with out water the Blue Planet would cease to exist. Additionally where you have water you have life; historically humans have thrived in water rich regions. So subsequently what sense does it make, that water is diverted away from the land, back into the sea; without benefiting the people and the ecology surrounding it first.

Active Artists Hard at Work

This is the notion of the Blue alternative, by keeping water in the land to regenerate the small water cycle, to basically transform the land making it greener, wetter and to thrive naturally.
Excursion to in High Tatras Slovakia to see the Dams in Action 

Flood Prevention dams, that we were building.  
There is fundamental issue when there is a lack of water in an area as extreme forms of weather occurs. As the systems diverting water back into the seas, catalyze desertification. So the canalization in agriculture, the sewage systems in cities and the logging roads in forests, all consequently lead to concerns of the extreme weather patterns. So measures are being taken to keep water in the land to benefit the people, animals and ecology. This is what is shown, ^ what we were working towards.  

There will be a competition to create visuals for the website of this charity soon. We are also writing a report on our experience to give to the Slovakian Government so any proof readers give us a shout. Spending two weeks there we all have become specialists in water, so anyone interested watch this space for upcoming workshops to further your knowledge about upcoming water crisis.  

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